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Free Flow Pumps

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Free Flow Pumps

Our pump with the capacity Q: 150 m3/h, Hm: 15 bar has been put into use in ISDEMIR Successfully. VORTEKS pump with these capacity which is of non-blocking type has first been designed and produced in Turkey by our company. Thanks for our colleagues for trusting us.
. Dia Blok
. Monoblok
. Vertical Monoblok
. Wet PTT
. General Perpose

Operating :

Operating principle vortex pumps circulate without clogging because of its specially designed open wings of its impeller. 15 of the fluid pomped gets into contact with the impeller, the remaining part of the fluid is directed to the pressing port without contacting the impeller by a second vortex motion. Due to the contact of the fluid with the impeller is less, wear is lessened to minimum. Due to the wear in the body, no flow rate and pressure loss is occurred.

Its Advantages :

. Clog free : Large solid particles in the size of outlet diameter pass without any choking intereference no problems with long fibres.
. Free passage : Liquid flow passages are not intercepted by impeller only 15 of the pumped liquid passes through the wings.
. Soft pumping action : No damage crystals, because of the slow build uf of pressure in the casing.
. Non vibrational operation : The impeller is concentric to the casing very litlle radial load on bearing no effect of volute.
. Good mixing effect : Due to the continuosly changing speed in the casing, mixing is achieved.
. Pumping of liquids having a high solids content or viscisity : this is a result of vortex effect.

Specifications :

. Concentric impeller to casing
. No seaung ring on impeller
. Incorporation of a mechanical seal
. Back vanes on impeller
. Easy Access Designing

Materials :

All iron standart, sst 304 - 316, ni-hard, hastelloy, chrome steel, bronze, etc. available.

Applications Of Vortex Pumps

. Waste waters : raw unscreened sewage, raw sludge 90, digested sludge, domestic sewage, fish water.
. Paper industry : cellulose and semi-cellulose, waste paper, rag and rag pulp, straw pulp, bagasse stringy textile pulp, linters, brokes, kaolin 80
. Food industry and agriculture : vegatables (peas, beans, carrots), fish offal, potatoes mash, mussels pig food, liquid stable cleaning, liquid manure, bone meal, chicken waste with feathers, perlite-grounded and fluid.
. Building industry : sand and gravel in water. gas-concrete, slurry.
. Sugar industry : beet and beet chip-mixtures, beet tails, leaves and grass with water, milk of lime sludge from the setting tanks,thin and thick juices with.
. Chemical industry : crystal suspensions filter substances, caustic soda solution 50, tannihg sulution, colour dyes, sulphuric acid oxalic acid with paste additives. water with powdered coal sulution, polystyrene globules with water, methyl crystals, hot brine, aluminium 30, magnesium sulphate, washing powder-slurres zinc sluryy, dichlorobenzene sludge, glycerine and starch milk, latex, resing glue, water-glass paint suspensions, aceton slurry, organic boric acid crystals.
. Textille industry : synthetic and naturel fibres, suspensions.
. Steel and heavy industry : sinterforming water, coke and coal water mixtures, water with soot globules, granulated ore with water. ash-soot slurries, fluid for lapping mechines.
. Petrochemical industry : test petrol with fuller's eart, dichloromethane with over, ure-parafin, raw with coke, bitumen suspensions, raw oil, fuel-oil slack wax. slops catalytic sludge, leatherwaste, leatherfibres with water.

Performance Curves of Free Flow Pumps


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