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It is intended for pumping clean or very slightly polluted, low viscosity liquids without solid particles and fibers.

Operation Details

Suction Flange : DN 40... DN 200
Discharge Flange : DN 40... DN 200 mm
Q (Flow) : 500 m3/h (max.)
H (Head) : 95 m (max.)
Motor (Rotation Per Minute) : 1450 rpm. up to 3600 rpm.
t (Operating Temperature) : from -10 C (min.) to +140 C (max.)
Pd (Body Pressure Pmax) : 10-16 bars
Direction of Rotation (Motor) : Clockwise (Right)
(Pmax: Suction Pressure + Pump Head in Closed Vlave)

(*) The pump material varies depending on te type of fluid, operating temperature and pressure.
For more information, please refer to our company.

Technical Specifications

- Centrifugal pumps with closed impellers,volute,single-stage which can be connected to a straight pipe.
- Pump shaft is supported between bearings by motor bearings.
- Shaft sealing is provided by mechanical seal.
- SNLL pumps are used by electric motors in accordance with VDI standards and IEC construction size norms.
- Thanks to the removable rear design of SNLL pumps motor, motor carriers, seal bearing, impeller can be dismantled without separating the volute off the piping.
- Suction and discharge flanges conform to EN 1092-2/PN 16.
- SNLL Pumps have 32 models from DN 40 up to DN 200.

Pump Description

Pump Name : SNLL
Discarge Flange DN (mm) : 50
Impeller Nominal Diameter (mm) : 250

Part List

01 Electric Motor
02 Motor Carrieer
03 Air Bleed Plug
04 Wear Ring (Body Cover)*
05 Impeller Key
06 Impeller Nut
07 Volute Body
08 Wear Ring (Body)
09 Impeller
10 Spacer Bushing
11 O-Ring
12 Housing Cover
13 Mehcanical Seal
14 Pump Shaft
15 Setscrews
16 Lower Deck

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